Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Conference

Well......I am very disappointed with myself. I took 200 less pictures than last year......too much talking I guess?!!!!! I am tired folks, so no order to the pictures (blogger was not cooperating).

Psalm Singing

Katie H. (leading the singing) and Mr. C (sound guy)

Speak to the plate?

Trying to not smile......

a little better......

Mr. G just has the opposite effect upon the crowd.....


Miss K.

Scenery on the way home

Wal-mart-you can find it anywhere

Dearest Mrs. W.

Book browsing

and more book browsing......

Miss L.

Happy Girls!!!

I had such a wonderful time visiting with these dear ones over lunch!!!! Delightful Conversation!!!!

Father/Son duet

Auntie and Junebug


Breakfast Duty peeling potatoes:)

Visiting with friends

Getting ready for a game of Catchphrase

A grand set of brothers

Sweet Sisters

Gotta love my Parents!!!!

Baseball player on football field. Very interesting:)

Too many pictures to comment on.........anyway....hope you enjoyed!!


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