Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Blog

The Morton Family has started a new blog. This will be the last post on the Morton Household Blog. To view our new blog, please click here.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Picture of the Week

Seeing that it has been awhile since posting...I thought a quickie was deserved.

~ Candy-Chatting Art~

Great-Grandpa and Grandma stopped by one day this past Summer and brought us all suckers. We had a fun, short visit amongst our messy house while packing. Sweet memories!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Visitor.............

I know. I know. The MortonMaidens are way behind on posts. Many apologies to those who kept checking, waiting and entreating us for a new post.

Anyway, Stephen came up for a visit a couple weeks ago and we had a jolly time!!!

Daddy Dearest getting ready to go pick up Red Angel Pizza


After dinner entertainment

"Hi! How are ya?"

I believe this is the very first picture of Mr. S. where he is not hiding or running from us!!!

After dinner conversations

Sarah making breakfast!!!

Working away at the Coffee Shop

~Talking at the Coffee Shop~


Enjoying a scrumpdeluscious lunch with Grandma R.

~Stephen and Kate after enjoying a tasty dinner at the Ground Round~


The next evening Uncle J. and Aunt P. came by to meet Stephen

Aunt P.

Uncle J.


Getting directions for his travel home:(

Mumzie cooking something

Getting ready to wave good-bye:(

:( :( :(


The Morton's have been tagged by Mrs. E.!!!!

The rules are:

1. go to your documents/pictures.

2. go to your 5th file.

3. go to your 5th picture.

4. blog about it.

5. tag 5 people …...

This picture was taken December 2007 while shopping at a furniture store. S.A.M. and I were in the "bargain" section (where else would you find us?). I do not remember why we were there but I remember we spent the day at Sams Club, Starbucks and looking at furniture. What better place to take pictures than at a furniture store?! :)



Grandma and B.

having fun with glow sticks

Mumzie and Auntie B.

Pretty cool....have I mentioned I really like my camera? :)

"glow on, dude"

S.A.M. and Baby E.

Mumzie with her coffee and her buddy Chloe

grab it and growl



Amazing how old they are......I can still remember when they had high squeaky voices......wellllll....I guess I have seen some old family videos with some soprano range voices......

Dru and I

Grandpa and Mr. A.

Dru and I.G.

Lovely couple

Sweet Couple

Grandma and Grandson

This is what happens when our 6 yr. old cousin takes the picture:)

S.A.M. and Mr. Muscle Baby- squishy baby is now a thing of the past... :(


Enjoying some pictures from the past.....


Day with Friends

It took three ladies, one young man and a talented Mother to figure out how this coffee maker functioned.

Discussions while...

Watching the coffee brew

Mr. Te-to and Miss E.

A helpful young man

Siblings engaged in various activities

The ladies engaged in conversation

Such sweet ladies!

Little Lady


Kate and Baby E.

Miss B. with Mumzie in background did he get involved in the Ladies discussion? I am only teasing, Mr. T. is welcome to join in any time. ;)

Mumzie and Baby E.

Mr. A. - "Peanut Butter Fudge is the best!"

Mumzie coming down the stairs :)


Mr. A.

A tower of logs

Goodnight kisses from his sister

Doing Dishes

Miss B.- a diligent and cheerful worker

Time to say goodnight to Miss E.

Mr. T.

Talking men-talk

Such a lovely time, thank you A. family!